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Strategize! Build gun turrets! Slaughter invading creeps!

Turret Tyrrany is similar to the popular Warcraft tower defense maps. Build gun turrets by clicking on the bottom of the screen and then click in the field to place the turret. Based on how you've aimed your gun, it will fire at the red dots (creeps) that move around the map.

The idea is to kill the creeps before they can reach the end of the path. Each gun has certain characteristics so you can't use them all the same. You can get an idea for how to use a turret by looking at its yellow range indicator. It can only shoot at creeps in its field of attack.

Some turrets do splash damage which can kill your own turrets so placement is very important. Other guns are 'shoot through' guns which fire like a laser all the way through the creeps in a line, doing damage to them all at once. These guns can also kill your own turrets if you're not careful.

Most of the guns can be upgraded and it's not possible to beat the map without doing so. The upgrades cost money but make the guns more effective.

Click on the different map tiles to see how they're different from each other. For instance, black wall tiles block your towers' sight and water tiles can't be build upon.

Game tips:

  • Some creeps are resistant to some guns and vulnerable to others, for instance some are resistant to damage from bullets but take extra damage from energy weapons. This means you need to build several types of guns.
  • However, the higher upgrades are more efficient than the starting ones meaning you also need to specialize in a few guns.
  • Some points of the game require very precise timing. Use the pause button (or press space) to freeze the action while you re-arrange things. Sometimes when you've saved up for a new level of turret technology the addition of the new gun type will cause you to reconfigure your entire defensive posture and you may have to sell several guns to make room for the new ones.
  • Always plan ahead for what you're going to build next. Sometimes you only have two or three seconds of slack to upgrade a tower or build a new one. If you hesitate or haven't planned things out you'll end up leaking creeps. This can be a pretty detailed game so look at what is the next cheapest thing you can buy and be ready to build it the instant you can afford it.
  • If you buy the game you can save your maps and it is recommended to do so frequently as you experiment with different gun combinations and strategies.
  • Use the 'Delete' or 's' key to sell towers. Use the 'u' key to upgrade them.
  • Using ice towers: Don't pack them too closely together. They're most effective spread out. Be ready to sell and rebuild slowing towers frequently depending on which area of the map you're currently the strongest in.
  • Using howitzers: Layer them so they fire in succession rather than as a single volley.

Once you've beaten a map you can then edit it and draw your own maps and reconfigure the pricing and behavior for the guns. When you have something you like you can publish it to share it with your friends. To do so, first play-test it and beat it on 'Hard' mode. Then when you publish it your map will be on the network for anyone to play!

This is currently in beta, there's only one map right now but more are on the way!

Hints For The First Map

It is possible to beat it on Hard without losing a single creep! Click here for some hints.

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