It is possible to beat it on Hard without losing a single creep! Here's how:
  • Optimal bolter positions:

  • Upgrade them:

  • Place icers:

  • Unlock howizter and build first one in most optimal spot:

  • Second howizter, you may have to use the space button or pause button to build these at just the right time so you don't leak creeps:

  • More howizters, start upgrading them so the two halves of the screen are balanced:

  • Unlock fire flood and build the one on the right first to keep from leaking. You can build it a little early by selling the howizters when you have about $300. Sell and rebuild icer to support the fire flood. Build second fire flood in loop area:

  • Sell bolters to make room for 3rd fire flood, place an icer between two fire floods:

  • Rebuild and upgrade howizters on right side:

  • Upgrade firefloods:

  • Unlock gluon gun, sell fireflood to make room, build first gluon gun, sell icer and rebuild in gluon gun area, build fireflood on left side, start building and upgrading gluon guns:

  • Gluon guns upgraded, sell two fire floods because they'll get killed by the 16 incher if you dont, build 16 incher the instant you can so it has time to load and fire:

  • Wait several levels and hope that your defenses are strong enough to last. Unlock and build autocannons. Rearrange gluons to make room:

  • Upgrade 16 incher, move icer, build frost bomb so that it slows creeps right before they reach the 16 incher's firing area. This greatly increases the effectiveness of the 16 incher:

  • Unlock and build first railgun at lower right corner, move frost bomb to support its firing area, build other two rail guns and start upgrading them:

  • Railguns upgraded, save up two million bucks and get yourself an ATOMIC HOWIZTER!!!

  • You win!

Now, go play it and beat it!

Game tips:

  • Some points of the game require very precise timing. Use the pause button (or press space) to freeze the action while you re-arrange things. Sometimes when you've saved up for a new level of turret technology the addition of the new gun type will cause you to reconfigure your entire defensive posture and you may have to sell several guns to make room for the new ones.
  • Always plan ahead for what you're going to build next. Sometimes you only have two or three seconds of slack to upgrade a tower or build a new one. If you hesitate or haven't planned things out you'll end up leaking creeps. This can be a pretty detailed game so look at what is the next cheapest thing you can buy and be ready to build it the instant you can afford it.
  • If you buy the game you can save your maps and it is recommended to do so frequently as you experiment with different gun combinations and strategies.
  • Use the 'Delete' or 's' key to sell towers. Use the 'u' key to upgrade them.
  • Using ice towers: Don't pack them too closely together. They're most effective spread out. Be ready to sell and rebuild slowing towers frequently depending on which area of the map you're currently the strongest in.
  • Using howitzers: Layer them so they fire in succession rather than as a single volley.
  • Don't build towers in the creeps' path or the creeps will run over them and destroy your guns!

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